I’ve always found it interesting to learn the meaning behind a song. I’d like to share with you a little more insight into my songs. Here you go…


“Growth, Peace & Gratitude” - I wrote the original version of this song in 2014 and revised it in 2019. This song means an awful lot to me. I could write a ton about this one but I think I will keep it simple. Every moment of every day is an opportunity for GROWTH. When you realize this and stop judging everything as “good” or “bad” you find PEACE. Once you find this peace you feel an overwhelming sense of GRATITUDE. To me, this is the meaning of life. I go to bed feeling grateful and I wake up feeling grateful. Thank you, God. With you I am always at home. I sincerely wish, for every human being on this planet, Growth, Peace & Gratitude. If I were limited to sharing only one song with you, it would be this one.

“I Just Love You” - I wrote this in 2018. There are basically two story lines that combined to help create this song. First, my friend John O’Leary includes the message of “I love you and there’s nothing you can do about it” in his motivational speeches. I’ve had the honor of performing for John and his guests at many of his events and at one specific event, this line really caught my attention. I thought this was a really powerful statement. Basically, to me it means that I get to choose how I respond to everything. That is very empowering. The second story line that helped create this song involves my beautiful wife. I want her to know that I’m gonna wake up everyday and love her the best I can forever and always. This is a fun, funky song that makes me smile every time I perform it.

“Let’s Go Blues” - I put this one together in January of 2019 when the Blues were in last place in the NHL. I know you won’t believe me, but I just knew that the Blues were gonna turn things around and win the cup. I have a text to a friend from January 8th, 2019 to prove it. I said to him “mark my words, the Blues are gonna win the cup”. Looking back, I should’ve called Vegas and placed a wager but since I’m not a gambler, that did not occur to me until after we won the cup. Duh. I had the extreme pleasure of performing this song all through the Blues Stanley Cup Playoff run in 2019. The St. Louis Blues are my all time favorite sports team and it makes my soul smile every time I get to perform this song and remind folks that the Blues are Stanley Cup Champs. Coolest team on the planet. LET’S GO BLUES!!!

“Stay” - I wrote this in 2016. This one is unique in that I have no personal attachment to it. I was in a rut and feeling very uninspired musically so I just gave myself an “assignment” as a bit of an experiment. One day I said “I’m gonna write a song today, no matter what” so I conjured up a scenario of someone who was hurting and afraid that his love was going to leave him. I wanted the song to have a strong arrangement and include vocal harmonies. I recorded this one at my friend Matt Windisch’s house. I like the way it turned out overall and I am grateful to Matt for having me over. I especially like the chorus and the four part harmony. It turned out to be a positive experiment. Shortly after completing this song, I got on a roll with many other ideas. I am grateful for this song.

“I Want My Game Back” - I wrote this one in 2011. This is another one that I could rant about for far longer than you’d probably want to hear. Here is the bottom line. I have zero tolerance for cheaters. I was absolutely fed up with all of the obvious and egregious cheating going on in baseball and other sports. As a kid, all I wanted to do was play 3rd base for the Cardinals. I loved baseball and now the modern day cheaters were disrespecting the game that I loved. I wrote this song in 30 minutes. I have never written a song so quickly. I was so angry that I just went into the studio and cranked this one out without even realizing what I was doing. I don’t like being that angry but I must admit, I was. On the plus side, apparently when I get angry, I get intensely funky as well. Fun base line. (Yeah, I spelled it “Base” and not “Bass”. To me, Bass is a fish.) I love this song.

“Hello Nasty” - I wrote this in 2002. Musically, I really dig this song. That drummer is a bad man…oh wait…that’s me. Ha! I’m not afraid of the truth. The list of things that I am NOT very good at is long. Playing drums is not on that list. If you listen to the lyrics, you would think that it is about a woman seducing a man or possibly the other way around. The truth is that the “woman” in this song is God asking me if I am actually gonna accomplish anything musically or am I gonna let life pass me by without ever putting in the effort to express myself musically. My response was “Hold on tight, buckle up.” I have revised this song multiple times since 2002 and will posting the 2019 version called “Buckle Up” soon.

“I Wanna Go Home” - I wrote this one in 2002. I was tired when I wrote this. Not tired from a long day, tired on a much deeper level. It felt good to admit to myself that I hadn’t been “home” in a while. By “home” I mean the feeling of being at peace with myself. Writing this was like my own personal therapy session. I love this song and will be re-recording it in the near future. As you can hear by the quality of the recording, I was not very proficient on the audio engineer side of things back then. I look forward to re-recording this one.