I am so grateful to be able to write, record and perform music for a living.

Music is such a gift to us all and I appreciate it more with each passing day.

I started playing drums when I was in 5th grade and picked up other instruments along the way. My mom and dad were both always so supportive. They allowed my brother and I to have our drum sets in the living room...thats right, 2 drum sets in the LIVING ROOM, and they never once asked us NOT to play. My mom was especially supportive since she was the one home all day and had to put up with all the noise. My mom passed in 2004 and my dad passed in 2014. May God rest their beautiful souls. I thank God every day for allowing me to have them as my parents.

It is June 2018 and I feel like I am just beginning. I am in the process of upgrading my studio, writing and recording new music and growing musically everyday. I'll have some new recordings posted soon. I am proud of them and I hope you like them. January of 2019 will mark my 10 year anniversary of playing solo. I have some good stuff planned. I hope you will come along for the ride.

My live show consists of my original music as well as covers of songs I like. (I only cover songs that I like.) I usually play the first portion of my show with just acoustic guitar and vocals and then ramp up to include my backing tracks. Every note of my show, pre-recorded and otherwise, is 100% my doing. I don't sequence or download anything.  

Things I Love: God, America, my family, my friends, polite and respectful people, seeing my wife and kids smile and laugh, real instruments played by real musicians, Adriana's on The Hill, chocolate covered almonds, ice cream, the truth, a good nap, iced tea, tator chips, Popeye’s Chicken, golf, tennis, St. Louie Blues Hockey...

Things I Do Not Like: PC Culture, drunk idiots, rude and disrespectful people, when the Blues lose, when I am out of chocolate covered almonds, when Popeye’s Chicken is closed, taking breaks at my shows, writer's block, virtue signaling, faux outrage...

That is enough about me for now. Now read about my friend...

A lot of people have asked what the “282” on my guitar strap is all about, so here it is…

282 is the badge number for the late law enforcement officer Tom “Fritz” Ballman. Tom was killed in the line of duty on Feb. 7th, 2008 in the tragic and senseless Kirkwood City Hall shootings.

I am proud to say that Tom Ballman was my friend. We had gone to school together since 6th grade. The very first time I ever performed music in front of anyone was in Tom’s basement during a party he hosted in 8th grade. I remember Tom being so supportive and enthusiastic about us performing at his party despite the fact that we were just starting to learn our instruments and were not very proficient, to say the least. We were brutal, yet Tom was always complimenting us. I will never forget that. I wear my “282″ strap as a way of making sure that Tom is never forgotten. Folks always come up to me at shows and ask what the 282 means and I get the pleasure of telling them all about a guy who was worth talking about. Tom “Fritz” Ballman will never be forgotten.

Tom’s wife, Cindy, has established “The Fritz Foundation” as a way of keeping Tom’s memory alive and continuing his life’s work of helping others. Please visit www.thefritzfoundation.org for more information.

Growth, Peace & Gratitude,